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The LOGO and the shell are integrally molded
Guang Lin first anti-counterfeiting logo process integrated design, the use of hand made surface adhesive stamping forming a wide forest logo, font edge clear, logo will not be altered, and played the best security effect. Farewell to the traditional hand painted fonts, blurred, easy to paint, fading and other shortcomings. With weather resistance, hardness, flexibility, impact resistance, adhesion, anti fading, so that the appearance of perfection and perfection.
Integrally formed glass fiber reinforced plastic shell
Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is a new type of functional material made of synthetic resin and glass fiber by composite process. FRP has the advantages of light weight, high specific strength, corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation performance, slow heat transfer, good thermal insulation, good transient and ultra high temperature performance. Compared with other commonly used materials, FRP can be designed, compounded and manufactured according to different environments and special performance requirements.
The Built-In 6-Holes Water Distributor
The watering area is larger, the water distribution is more uniform, effectively improve the cooling effect of the cooling tower, cooling effect than the four hole water distribution for promotion of traditional 15%~20%
High Quality cooling tower Filling material
Novel Structure Design
Guanglin cooling tower Filling material design is reasonable, reliable, durable, through experiments and production show that the cooling effect is good, small ventilation resistance, strong hydrophilicity, good chemical stability; corrosion resistance to acid and alkali and organic solvent; flame retardant self extinguishing products; good film-forming property, easy heat conduction filler etc..
*Cooling tower is the main core of circulating water cooling in industrial production. If the cooling tower is not used correctly in industrial production, it will cause the equipment to lose heat, production stagnation and excessive water temperature. Cooling tower packing is the main factor to promote the hydrothermal cycle, so select the high quality cooling tower Filling material.
The Special Motor For Cooling Tower
Special Jiangcheng motor equipped with cooling tower. Jiangcheng motor is small, durable, light weight, imported bearing bearing, pure copper coil, power consumption, durable, easy to do, easy maintenance, etc., combined with multi type cooling tower.
Special Water Pump For Cooling Tower
The GD Series Vertical Pumps Of GUANGLIN Corporation Have Developed A New Generation Of Vertical Centrifugal Pumps By Absorbing The Advanced Technology From Abroad And The Advantages Of Similar Products Both At Home And Abroad. This Series Of Pumps Are Not Only High Efficiency, Reliable Operation, Long Life And Other Characteristics, And Convenient Installation, Import And Export In The Same Line, Can Be Installed Anywhere In The Pipeline, Its Unique Installation Structure Greatly Reduces The Area Area, Saving Construction Investment, Praised By Users At Home And Abroad.
Tranmute Wind Leaves,Reject Noise
Fan Blade Is The Best Accessory To Ensure High Quality, Low Noise And Smooth Running Of Fan. Design Wind Blade Has The Characteristics Of High Wind, High Speed And Low Noise, Smooth Running. The Wind Blade Has Been Reduced, The Fan And The Air Guard Clearance, Preventing Air Turbulence, Can Reduce Fan Noise. The Fan Blade Is Also The Ideal Assembly For The Cooling Tower.
Cooling Tower Sprinkler Pipe
Cooling Tower Sprinkling Pipe (High Temperature Sprinkling Pipe Is Nylon Material, Ordinary Sprinkling Pipe Is PP Material) Increasing The Sprinkling Area Of Cooling Tower, Diverting Water Flow, Increasing The Effect Of Heat Dissipation. They Are Made Of High Quality Materials With High Quality, Strong Toughness And Long Service Life.
Cooling Tower Nylon Strut
Cooling Tower Plastic Support, Beige Engineering Plastics, As A Bracket To Connect The Cooling Tower Shell And Bottom Basin Parts. Compared With The Traditional Cooling Tower Column, It Has Many Advantages Such As Corrosion Protection, Abrasion Resistance, Shock Resistance, Toughness, High Dimensional Accuracy, Easy Installation, Low Cost, High Efficiency And So On. This Pillar Material Has Been Certified By ISO9001 International.
Round Counterflow Cooling Tower
The Guang Lin Counterflow Cooling Tower Adopts The Bottleneck Design, With The Largest Amount Of Wind, The Cooling Tower Component Is Carefully Designed And Manufactured, And The Assembly Process Is Specialized. Good Cooling Effect, Long Service Life.
More Accessories Failed To Be Recorded
Guang Lin Cooling Tower Parts Are Made Of New High-Quality Raw Materials, Even After The Product Has Been Used For A Long Time, It Can Still Maintain Good Appearance And Performance, And Fully Guarantee The Excellent Performance Of The Whole Set Of Parts. It Is Our Consistent Aim To Provide Quality Products And Professional Services. To This End, We Are Relentlessly Committed To The Optimization And Innovation Of Product Design, And Constantly Improve The Production Process And Quality Control, And Equipped With Vibrant Professional Team. Willing To Work With Our Customers Hand In Hand And Move Forward Together.
Internal Structure Of Cooling Tower
The Stationary Fan Is Installed On The Motor According To The Fixed Forming Principle Of The Fan. The Biggest Characteristic Of The Fixed Fan Is That The Angle Is Feasible In Advance, And The Operation Is Not Necessary. Moreover, The Design Of The Cooling Tower Takes Full Account Of The "Floating Water Rate" Of The FRP Cooling Tower, And The Phenomenon Of "Water Ladle" Will Not Appear In The Process Of Using.
The Cooling Tower Is Mainly Composed Of Packing, Water Distribution System, Ventilation Equipment, Air Distribution Device, Water Retaining Device And Water Collecting Tank. Different Combinations Of These Structures Can Be Constructed Into Different Types Of Cooling Towers.