Square Cooling Tower

Guang Lin Leading Technical - Industrial Heat Dissipation Requirements

Characteristics Of Guang Lin Square Cooling Tower

Guang Lin Cooling Tower Technology Industry Leader, High Temperature Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Long Life, Fine Workmanship.

You Need A Professional And Efficient Cooling Tower

The LOGO and the shell are integrally molded

Pioneering technology

Guang Lin first anti-counterfeiting logo process integrated design, the use of hand made surface adhesive stamping forming a wide forest logo, font edge clear, logo will not be altered, and played the best security effect. Farewell to the traditional hand painted fonts, blurred, easy to paint, fading and other shortcomings. With weather resistance, hardness, flexibility, impact resistance, adhesion, anti fading, so that the appearance of perfection and perfection.

Special Motor For Cooling Tower

Effectively Reduce Running Noise

The Motor Is Used To Drive The Load Of Fan Running For A Long Time, Which Has High Efficiency And Can Save Considerable Energy. In Accordance With The Latest Domestic Standards, And Absorb The Advantages Of Similar Products Internationally, Specially Designed And Manufactured For Cooling Towers, The Performance Indicators Reached The International Advanced Level.

Good Chemical Stability

Acid, Alkali And Organic Solvent Corrosion, Good Flame Retardancy.

The Role Of Cooling Tower Fillers In Cooling Towers Increases Heat Dissipation, Prolongs Residence Time Of Cooling Water, Increases Heat Exchange Area And Increases Heat Exchange. Uniform Water Distribution. The Cooling Tower Packing Is Advanced In Technology, Reasonable In Design, Reliable In Data And Durable In Use. Through Test And Production Operation, It Shows That The Cooling Effect Is Good, And The Product Has Strong Hydrophilic Performance And Is Easy To Heat Transfer Of Filler.

Trapezoidal Ramp Filler

Prolong The Heat And Mass Exchange Time, And Improve The Cooling Effect

The S Filling Material Fully Utilizes The Reasonable Design Principle Of Trapezoidal Oblique Wave, And Simultaneously Increases The Number Of Interception Of Water Film, And Makes The Water Film Redistributed Repeatedly And Tends To Be Even.The Increase Of Vertical Relief Retention Wave, Improve Water Film Lateral Diffusion Capacity, Can Make The Filling Of Water Vapour In The Heat Exchange More Fully, And Make The Water Film Flow Speed Slow, Prolonged Heat Exchange Time, Improve The Cooling Effect.

The Mass Transfer Coefficient Of Filler Is High

Advanced Design, Small Ventilation Resistance

Features: Light Weight, High Strength, Good Flame Retardancy, Corrosion Resistance, Advanced Design, Small Ventilation Resistance, Strong Hydrophilic, Large Contact Area And So On.

Knowledge:Filler Tower In Cooling Tower Should Be Able To Make The Gas And Liquid Contact Surface, High Coefficient Of Mass Transfer At The Same Time, Large Flux And Low Resistance, So The Requirements Of Cooling Tower Filler Porosity Is High, Large Surface Area, Surface Wettability, And In The Structure But Also Conducive To Two-Phase Close Contact. Promote Turbulence.

GuangLin Square Cooling Tower

High Quality, High Precision And High Efficiency

The Panel Is Made Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic, With Smooth Surface, Beautiful Appearance, Corrosion Resistance And Aging Resistance; The Filler Is A Modified Two-Way Point Wave Plate, Which Has Good Thermal Performance, Small Air Resistance, Good Rigidity, Heat Resistance, Cold Resistance And Flame Retardance; The material of wind blade is alloy aluminum plate. The fan has the advantages of reasonable aerodynamic force, large air volume, high efficiency, low noise and corrosion resistance; Motor and reducer adopt cooling tower special motor equipment.

Sincerity Realism To Bear Thanksgiving

Good Faith Management, Quality Based, Service For The Soul, Scientific And Technological Innovation

Guang Lin Has Strict Quality Requirements For Each Product And Is Almost Perfect, Making It A Very Good Reputation In The Market.

Novel Square Cooling Tower Nozzle

This Product Adopts High Temperature Nylon Material Injection Molding, With High Temperature Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Wear Resistance, Anti-Aging, Resistance To New, High Strength, Long Life Characteristics. The Nozzle Has The Advantages Of Uniform Water Distribution, Low Working Water Pressure, Large Pressure Adaptation Range And Easy Blockage. Because The Utility Model Is Provided With A Locking And Anti Loosening Device Which Is Specially Designed, The Utility Model Can Be Firmly Connected With The Cloth Pipe, And Can Not Fall Off, And The Water Distribution System Can Be Ensured To Run Safely For A Long Time. Under Normal Condition, The Service Life Of Nozzle Is Over 20 Years. It Has Been Widely Used And Praised In The Cooling Tower Industry!

Sprinkler Pipe For Cooling Tower

Reducer For Cooling Tower

Which Belt Box System Of The Reducer Is Sealed By A Whole, Through The Transmission Belt Is Provided With Two Layers, Two Layers Of Waterproof Oil Proof, System Protection, Good Weatherability, Easy Maintenance. Reducer Using Japan Imported Bearings, And Drive Upside Down On The Chamber, Completely Solve The Wind Stress Deformation Problems, Improve The Overall Stability Of The Tower, The Maximum To Avoid The Adverse Effects Of The Vibration Caused By The Tower, The Tower To Minimize The Impact Of Noise.

Vertical Water Pump For Cooling Tower

Using Two Motors, Low Power Consumption, Strong Pumping Force. The Work Is Lean, Efficient, Energy Saving And Durable; The Inlet And Outlet Flanges Are Provided With An Exhaust Port, And The Gas Accumulated In The Pump Is Discharged And The Water Pressure Is Tested; A High Quality And Durable Mechanical Seal Material Is Adopted, And No Leakage Is Used.

Independent Research And Development Production

Guangdong Guang Lin Cooling Tower Co., Ltd. Is A Cooling Equipment Company Which Integrates R & D And Design Of Cooling Equipment. It Is Responsible For The Manufacture Of A Wide Range Of Cooling Towers, Installation And Maintenance. There Are Factories In Huizhou And Shenzhen Factories, Dedicated To Creating High-Quality Cooling Tower Manufacturing Enterprises. Welcome New And Old Customers To Our Company, Our Factory Visit, Guidance, Business Negotiations.   Cooling Tower Fittings Production Equipment Company Complete, All Cooling Tower Parts By Our Company Independent Research And Development Production, In Order To Maximize The Cooling Of The Service Life Of The Parts, And Ensure That The Products Of Our Company To The Best Quality To Win The Market.

Waterproof Cover For Water Pump

New Products Using High-Quality PP Raw Water Pump Fangyuzhao Particles Once Injection Molding, Economic And Practical, To Prevent The Outside When Pumping Water Pump Motor Is Wet, Prolong The Service Life Of The Motor Pump, To Avoid Accidents. The Utility Model Has The Advantages Of Simple Structure And Convenient Use, And The Installation Frame Can Be Rotated By 360 Degrees To Be Convenient For Users To Install And Use. The Utility Model Is Suitable For Various Brands Of Water Pumps.

Innovative Practical Products

Excellence, Casting Quality.

Quality, Enterprise'S Future Decisive Battle Field And Eternal Theme. Providing Quality Products Is The Best Way To Return Customers.

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