Aluminum Casting Alloy, Light And Hard
Balance Adjustment, Smooth Operation
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Increasing Water Contact Interface

The Special Alloy Water Distributor For Cooling Tower Is A Small And Medium-Sized Round Countercurrent Cooling Tower Special Cloth Water Device. Is The Key Component In The Cooling Tower.

It Consists Of Bearing And Rotating Body

The Sealing Device Adopted By The Water Separator Is Composed Of A Bearing Sleeve Arranged On The Upper Part Of The Water Distributor, And The Upper End And The Lower End Are Respectively Connected With The Cover Plate And The Supporting Plate.

Lower Water Temperature

The Water Diversion Pipe Constantly Distributes Water To The Cooling Tower'S Filling. The Water Is Attached To The Filling And The Surface Forms A Membrane Of Water That Vaporizes Some Of The Water And Takes Away Heat.

Cooling Tower Alloy Fan

The Alloy Fan Blade Of Guang Lin Series Cooling Tower Is Made Of High And Low Speed, Space Twisted And Tilting Type Aluminum Alloy. The Fan Blade Can Ensure The Air Volume, Air Pressure, Noise, Water Drift And Running Performance Of The Cooling Tower Under Various Working Conditions, And Meet The Technical Requirements.

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